The 3 of the most coveted indicators for crypto are now live on Aurox.. For FREE! These indicators cost a whopping $1500 for a lifetime license, but we’re making them completely free to use!

There is a lot to cover in this article, but pay attention, as these indicators can do a lot of the grunt work for you. They can help predict divergences, trends, and give you an edge when trading.

Shout out to one of our Aurox users, CryptoChrispy, for creating this incredible guide

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How To Access Cypher Indicators

Simply visit Aurox ( and follow the quick video below.

Cypher A

Cypher A is…

DEX Swapping Is Easy.. But A Mess For Traders

DEXes have exploded in popularity for the lightweight and quick way of swapping tokens. Unfortunately, this lightweight approach leaves most traditional crypto users wanting for a better system.

Crypto users have to deal multitude of issues:

  • No proper charting
  • No limit orders
  • No order management
  • Unreliable pricing of swaps
  • Hard to track all coins from one panel

But not anymore…

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Introducing Aurox DEX Order Management

Attention Aurox and URUS token holders. Your good day is just about to get better.

Beginning today, Aurox will set into motion a new buy-back program.

Everyday, thousands of users perform analysis and trust the Aurox platform to execute their trades. These trades yield trading fees; a portion of which is given to the Aurox platform.

We have chosen to leverage a portion of these fees to now purchase URUS tokens at market value.

Put in another way:

URUS tokens will now encounter constant “buying pressure.” …

We are ecstatic to announce Binance — the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange — has accepted the Aurox trading terminal into its Broker Partner’s program!

What Exactly Does This Mean?

Aurox users with their Binance account will have access to trade on Binance’s liquidity and market depth, all the while leveraging the incredible tools available in Aurox’s terminal.

You can perform technical analysis and use your favorite Aurox indicators, yet simultaneously, execute a trade on Binance.

How Will This Impact The Aurox and URUS Token Community?

Partnering with the world’s largest cryptocurrency is a giant leap in the right direction.

Not only does the partnership give access to Binance’s liquidity and market depth, but also gives…

Aurox Lend is Aurox’s decentralized lending and borrowing platform. It is a fork of Compound’s DeFi platform with a few modifications. Aurox Lend is directly coupled with Aurox’s centralized order placement terminal called Aurox Trade. This allows lenders on the platform to supply cryptocurrencies and stablecoins to margin borrowers on the terminal. This is a property that is unique to Aurox, and allows us to offer a premium interest rate to lenders while at the same time offering a competitive rate to margin borrowers.

Below we will learn about some of the current challenges lenders and borrowers have to contend…

Aurox Trade is Aurox’s centralized order execution and trading platform with margin trading capacity of up to 4x the value of underlying assets.

Our platform is unique in that it sources liquidity for supported margin assets by borrowing directly from our DeFi lending platform, Aurox Lend. Whereas the order book liquidity on Aurox Trade is generated from our integration into multiple centralized exchange partners.

Deep Combined Liquidity

Aurox Trade is not an exchange. It is an aggregated match making engine which allows users to log into the Aurox Terminal and place orders on over 10 exchanges with a single account. In essence, Aurox…

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First time hearing about Aurox? To put it simply, Aurox is the ultimate crypto trading terminal for beginners looking to make profitable trades regardless of their experience. Perfectly designed to help make you money, our dashboard will take you from crypto confusion, to knowing exactly what trades to make and when. Sign up to our free platform to get started!

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While the bulls are cheering the recent upswing, a research note from JP Morgan states that this current rally “carries echoes of late-2017”. While we are also surprised with the pace of the rally, to term it similar to the late-2017 rally is incorrect. Usually, the first leg of the up move from the lows is strong and more so because the digital currency had been in a long and crushing bear market.

On May 17, Bitcoin plunged about 20% within 15 minutes on the Bitstamp exchange as a large sell order was executed. However, the positive thing is that…

With so many cryptocurrency trading and exchange platforms to choose from on the market, finding the right platform with the tools, features, and services you need can be difficult — not just for new market entrants but for seasoned experts as well.

A long-standing challenge facing crypto traders has been being able to access the right information, at the right time, from the right sources, and being able to easily and intuitively navigate order books, prices, market movements, and news from everywhere across the cryptosphere — including exchanges, project teams, expert panels, and more.

Aurox is here to change all…

After the recent rally, some have turned positive and have projected a new high within the next few months. Prominent among them are Galaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz, and investment bank Canaccord Genuity, both have a target of $20,000 by 2021. Tim Draper, however, believes that Bitcoin can reach $250,000 by 2023. While these targets boost sentiment, we believe that the cryptocurrencies will face many hurdles before they make a new high.

The sharp rally in Bitcoin has boosted its market dominance to 58.8%, its best level since December 2017. This shows that the market participants are currently favoring the…

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