Aurox Trading Platform Review

With so many cryptocurrency trading and exchange platforms to choose from on the market, finding the right platform with the tools, features, and services you need can be difficult — not just for new market entrants but for seasoned experts as well.

A long-standing challenge facing crypto traders has been being able to access the right information, at the right time, from the right sources, and being able to easily and intuitively navigate order books, prices, market movements, and news from everywhere across the cryptosphere — including exchanges, project teams, expert panels, and more.

Aurox is here to change all that.

Backed by painstaking market research, hundreds of interviews with experienced traders, and tools that are designed to be intuitive, seamless, and comprehensive, Aurox is redefining what it means to be a best-in-class crypto trading platform. The Aurox trading terminal empowers professional traders to quickly and easily elevate their trading game, smoothly turning trades into profit. The platform comes with a wide range of cutting-edge features such as multi-exchange support, price alerts, professional advice, and trading view charting software, all designed to enable users to make the most well-informed trading decisions possible. Aurox takes the stress out of portfolio management via its unique multi-exchange integrated workspace that guarantees rapid trades and high-octane results for pro-investors.

Features of the Aurox Trading Platform

The Aurox trading platform comes packed with a wide range of functionalities designed to improve and streamline your crypto trading game. Here are a few of the platform’s key features and services.

Simplified Cross-Exchange Trading

Unlike other trading platforms, Aurox offers you one secure account to access multiple exchanges by securely connecting your computer directly to the relevant exchange API. This helps to ensure that orders go through fast and on time. No more endless browser tabs, 2FA logins for each account across different sites, or authenticator codes to manage.

Customizable Workspace Management

With Aurox, you can create a trading desk tailored to your personal needs. Time is a crucial element when it comes to trade execution. Having a streamlined workspace that can be customized just the way you like is easy, and every time you log into your workspace, you can find the charts, order books, favorites, news feeds, and other items clearly visible in their respective places thanks to the platform’s docking and grouping features.

Secure Accounts and Trades

With Aurox, you get 24/7 security with enterprise-grade encryption. Furthermore, Aurox never asks for control of your API keys or passwords. All API keys and requests are executed directly between your computer and the relevant exchange and are not stored or transmitted via Aurox.

TradingView Chart SuperCharged!

Aurox provides the option of accessing the complete TradingView Chart experience, and more. Aurox’s chart analysis software allows you to use hundreds of indicators that, with regular use, enables you to create custom indicators and alerts to help with executing orders at specific prices or points in time. We’ve even included the most desired indicator in trading, Volume Profile, for free!

Place Advanced Orders

You can place orders across all the exchanges listed above directly from your Aurox workspace. We’ve even gone further and integrated every single ordering type available through the API. If you’ve been trading only through the exchanges website, you’ve been missing out on a lot! Most of the advanced ordering types are only available over API.

Bird’s Eye Market Overview

You never have to miss a market run ever again. With Aurox, you get real-time price snapshots from any exchange of your choice — think of a real-time assistant that provides the update or reminder you need when markets are on the move.

Quickly see the upcoming bull run from one exchange, and then get a quick entry price into another exchange.

Comprehensive News Feed

With Aurox, missing out on important cryptocurrency information as it happens will be a thing of the past. A custom news feed enables you to keep an eye on the fast-paced cryptocurrency space while filtering and searching for the articles and updates that matter most.

Beginner? Experts are here to help

Beginner trader? No problem. Aurox offers access to published chart analyses from a panel of experts. You can take advantage of their knowledge and filter reports and data by time or coin for more enhanced analytics.

With the analysis feed, you’ll be able to easily find the most successful analysis and execute profitable trades

Quick Trades Are Easy

Mistype a number or need to put in a new entry price? Forget cancelling and placing new orders. With our advanced trading stance, you’ll be able to easily modify your current orders in real time. No more cancelling to increase the price or amount. Not only that, but we’ve cleaned it up using tabs to make it easier to see your open positions, active orders, stops and order history.

Fast As Lightning Order Book

The Aurox order book is continuously updated at lightning speed to ensure that you never miss a trade — an important feature when it comes to trading cryptocurrency.

Additionally, we’ve added one of the fastest and most advanced aggregators to our order book. Within milliseconds, it’ll aggregate the entire order book of any exchange and coin.

Comprehensive Balances Overview

Tired of counting your balances, adding up decimal places, or just having absolutely no idea how much money you have made?

Quickly get an idea of your entire portfolio, and convert it easily into another other supported currency. The portfolio component makes tracking your funds simple and easy!

Filter The Whales

Stay ahead of whales and figure out where their big moves happen. With the time and sales component, you will be able eliminate the small bidders and hone in on the whales. From here, you’ll get a find the perfect entry price and become a whale yourself!

Why Choose Aurox?

Aurox offers multiple trading, data, and charting advantages over the competition. For those with multiple monitors, Aurox’s multiple workspaces, window snapping, and docking features come in handy and are built to make your setup shine. Novice traders can use sandbox accounts to learn the ropes of trading with mock funds on multiple exchanges before tackling the real market. The platform also provides access to a personal manager who is available 24/7 to answer any questions.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an exchange that’s been designed from the ground up with the professional trading tools and features that are based on feedback from advanced users like you, try Aurox. Designed and tailored to help make your trades smart, fast, and secure, Aurox has reimagined crypto trading and investment in a whole new way. Aurox will soon be launching and taking over the cryptocurrency market!

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